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The Getaway

A place where you can free your mind from society and flow into the nature of

The Queen. 

Here in The Getaway you will have access to my personal video channel, private blogs, recipes, spiritual content, daily rituals, garden updates, tarot readings, photography, personal poetry, discounts and coupons and so much more even  have access to my personal life as i will upload more of me day to day. 

 This Is where you release worries so have nun! 

Im so excited to also present a series i've been working on called 'What's Happening In My Garden'... it's a written series of thoughts i am able to share when sitting in my garden. You never know .. i love adding a little extra so expect extra.  New episodes will drop every week until the season wraps up.


This is something i plan on keeping alive for a long time so check out the series, blog, video channel and all that is jere to explore! 


Photography by: The God of Nature
Jakala Breon

Collective Readings