Tips to growing Longer & Healthier Nails

Updated: May 11

// My Guide to Longer & Healthier Nails \\

Easy Regimen

by: Jakala Breon

Jakala Breon's Natural Nails

updated: Feb 2022

My Secret to stronger, healthier and longer nails is just in a few simple steps which you'll read below.

I've been passionate about my real nails for just a few years now and I've gotten so much better at taking care of them and keeping them healthy with doing as little as i can. Its very important that i keep my nails strong and appealing because i simply do not apply any false nails onto my nails. Iv'e dealt with nail breakage, bleeds and infections which i just could not go through those bad nails days any longer. Infections have indeed become a common factor when applying false nails onto the nails which many think will not happen. Many times just like tattoo artist, nail artist fail to clean their supplies, buy and use new supplies/tools and most do not wash their hands. I have witnessed this incident on myself and it was not a great experience. Read on to know my experience!

Back when i was in high school in 16' when the end of the school year was coming to an end and prom was approaching in less than several hours I begun getting hesitant because i have not chosen a nail salon so, because of time passing quickly i chose a salon i wish i had not. Though my nails was pretty and flawless and went so perfectly with my prom dress there was something off days later. I started to notice a pain in my index finger not really knowing what has caused that pain. I didn't think anything bad of it at first because just maybe i hit my finger or smashed it somehow but, days later the issue got worse. Out of the blue more sort of overnight my finger started to swell and the pain was intense i could hardly move my index my finger what so ever. My mother whom is a medical technician knew right off the back that it was an infection and she knew what would make the infection go away and of-course it was, what everyone seems to use at times to defeat inflammation... an ibuprofen 800. I impatiently took a pill before bed and when i awoke my finger's swelling deflated and i was indeed happy but i did take about two more pills so i know that the infection was gone completely and my finger would be back to normal. Within about another week my finger was indeed back to normal and i have not yet gotten my nails done by that salon again. I have gotten my nails did about 3 times after, later on in the year of 18' which i did go a whole year without walking into a salon because of trust issues with owners/workers. Now, if i go to a nail salon i'm only treating my natural nails to a polish as seen in the photo below.

There's many people who have endured the same as myself that i know personally so for that being done i have no interest in false nails anymore but, to those who still consider the use of false nails please be mindful and make sure your nail stylist have cleaned their supplies and tools followed by washed hands before working on your nails.

So over the years i found a routine to stick with for awhile and its very easy, quick and affordable. Continue reading to know my routine and maybe you'll try it too because letting your nails breathe and getting the treatment they deserve benefits in the long run giving a longer, firm and appealing natural look.

Look no further. The Secret is HERE

picture: 2020


  1. Clean nail with soap and water

  2. File nails | MUST do once every two weeks to maintain the desired shape

  3. Buff nails to remove deadness

  4. Wash nails once again

  5. Push cuticles back - do not clip because it protects the nail from bad bacteria and infections

  6. Soak nails or apply a oil on cuticles that works best for you | Tea Tree Oil is great • purchase my oil to bring nail growth and moisture with blessings - Stress Me No More Oil | you can apply oil daily if needed for moisture

  7. Apply clear coat hardener to the natural nails for strength and