Panic attacks are common; Story-time “DEATH?” + Tips: how to relax the mind and body when panicking

I can’t quite remember when I had my first panic attack, but I remember my most recent one very well. Also not surprised I was all alone yet not upset that I was. It was a challenge. I was darn able to kick that to the curb by thyself with my mind and the knowing of what could’ve been the trigger.

You know, panic attacks or what might be known as “anxiety attack” (I have terrible anxiety) can just about feel like your dying and it’s happening quick. it’s pretty scary. I realized that it sets off when triggered from such past trauma, fear and even can be hereditary or in the family. These are episodes that can last for a short period of time (well I know my episodes last for up 30 minutes although the first 10 -12 minutes I’m facing a terrifying situation) or long. I see it as a challenge between your mental state and surrounding. Well because my attacks takes me back to trauma and different settings so I know it’s up to me to fight it so I can beat it. And although there are ways of preventing this from happening, at times its just out of your control. Like with I, it can be difficult for me to calm down and when I am alone I tend to have an episode much longer rather than with someone beside me. Yeah, crazy.

Wanting to give tips on what I do to calm thyself from my mind to my body during and after a episode.


TIPS: For Panic ‘Anxiety’ Attacks

Here‘s what i do before an attack to help ease the episode

  1. Sit still and take DEEP but slowly taken breaths

  2. Call a sibling to come sit with me so I don’t feel alone. Being alone can cause a scare too

  3. Call someone close to me on the phone. Hearing a familiar voice soothes me and calm me down.

  4. Sit outdoors to get air because if not I tend to over heat and panic more. Wind/Air flow can result in relaxation. My mother would tell my older brother take her for ride (she got attacks mainly at night) so she can get some air and feel the breeze.

  5. Recite to self that “I AM OKAY (states name)!”

  6. Drinks water! Many times we can also we dehydrated And don’t know it. Although it may not be all the time, water on the other hand causing confusion and allows you to focus on the water and you’re cleansing wether thinking you're about to die!


Here’s what i do doing an attack! It is not so calming in the beginning but getting to the end It gets better. (These are tips to help one find calmness during an anxiety attack NOT what actually happens to me during a personal attack…. report to story time below to read about a personal story of mines, thank You!)

  1. Walk around the house. Now this is something I cannot control though it helps me find balance and land where I need to settle in order to bring this episode to an end. This is also helps in a way that lets me know i am safe in my home.

  2. Calls for assistance from peers around. Many times I am not able to breathe so I need someone beside me assisting me as I breathe and holding my hand.

  3. Walk into a open space. This Is to not feel stagnant and stand within the fear you are feeling, because the area is not spacious and that creates a stuffy head and absolute panic! I prefer the living room or outdoors. Now outdoors can be tricky (report to story time below to get the full detail) so be careful when exiting the door. Anything is bound to happen. The mind must be strong and able to connect to the physical body.

  4. Breathing exercise or breath work. After about a few minutes I am able to do this task and this helps to slow me down a notch or two. I’m able to sit down rather than when it’s at it peak and I can only be on my feet.

  5. Turn music on. I love music. For me, music supports in blocking away negative sounds I may hear. Music brings me back to reality as well (if that can only make sense). This creates a calm and soothing settings and gives emotional support. YES, music is all that!


Now, Here’s what I do after I’ve calmed down and is now in a stable mind state.

  1. I dance. So I play the music during to help ease my mind and body, but after I’ve been seated For sometime, I am able to move my body and loosen up a bit. I love it because it allows me to dance everything off. Like a release Is taking place. And so I always feel it too. Let GO 🙏

  2. Cooking soup or chilling very easy like food. This allows me to take action. What I mean by that is hop back into who I am and or what I love to do. For me, that is cooking. It promotes an calming aroma to the kitchen and home which brings and ease of anxiety and stress. She who’s a kitchen witch lives in the kitchen.

  3. Sitting outdoors to absorb the sun. This is quite important. Keep in mind that Vitamin D is energy. Without having energy how can you burn it? You have to stay charged by the Sun‘s love. Being low on energy results in panic attacks.

  4. Watch a movie / show. Though it’s likely I do watch tv, I love YouTube. This relaxes me. I prefer comedy or romance tho. This allows you to stay in a positive mood and goofy manner. It’s lovely especially after a episode, because you realize YOU’RE OKAY & Its okay as long as you get to binge watch your favorite shows and things afterwards.. ahah ! SERIOUSLY! That is happiness.

  5. Brew Tea ️ Tea is very common at helping ease many health conditions and bringing such a soothing vibration to your settings. Tea is wonderful at alleviating anxiety and worry that causes it. Tea keeps me relaxed, full of and confidence with also helping with so much more underlying health conditions.

  6. Taking a hot shower or bath. This allows me to release my burdens, pain and my built up feelings that needs release. Sometimes what we are needing to release will and could cause a panic attack if its too much weight on you. We tend to let such things carry us over into fear... slow down. Take a bath!


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