New in Collection: YSL Perfume | Libre Eau de Toilette

Oh how love is this sweet perfume. This perfume smells amazingggg and its giving fruity, but in a light scented way. It's a mix of lavender, orange blossom and twist of white tea accord. Essentially floral, modern and perfect to wear during the evening hours of the day especially now that the weather is changing the scent will last quite longer.

As an addition to my new perfume collection, I am very pleased thus far with my purchase. I am not quite big on fruity smells, but this is one that I will wear very much often. Now let's pay attention to the bottle... how gorgeous and the gold with the black combo is elite. I love the YSL in its horizontal form which I think is quite cool because it stands out from other models. If I love this perfume, you will too and I am quite picky with what I buy with anything, but this here is luxury and worth it. I purchased the smallest option which is about 1.0 oz and although it may seem small it is actually quite average, is handheld, and enough for someone like me who doesn't spray a lot and will not use it daily. Nevertheless, purchase any size that is comfortable with you and within your budget.

Price: $72 (1.0 oz)

Come on now and join the fabulous community of smell good feminine perfume with this YSL beauty.


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Yves Saint Laurent - Libre Eau de Toilette Perfume: < CLICK HERE >

Let us know how you like it!


xoxo... Jakala Breon