How To Make Moon Water

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Moon Water How to and Uses

Lately I've been feeling the need to get more in touch with the moon and it's magical mystic ways which has been guiding me to understand how the moon works and how it can provide so much more than most would never imagine. The moon has this eccentric magnetic force that creates such positive ecstatic vibrations upon the intentions set. As we know each full moon represents endings and realizations for change. I like to take the full moon as a way to give thanks, congratulate myself from lessons learned and map out new goals and manifestations. I also use the full moon as a way to release what no longer needs to hold a position in my journey.

So, with deepening my studies about the full moon and how magical it actually is, i took it upon myself to try something new and i am so excited to share and which it is new for me, but may be old for others.


Becoming a beginner to healing rituals and spell creation i have become obsessed as to the many essentials needed on my journey to self care and healing. One day before the full moon in Aquarius i was on Pintrest just scrolling looking up witchcraft tings and seen a post about Moon Water that happened grab my attention so quick i became drawn to know more about it, the meaning and what can it be used for.

So of course I headed over to YouTube and began watching videos about this magical water and how others tend to take it into use for their personal uses. I was shocked at how simple it was and intrigued by how it may be used for multiple things such as watering plants, bathing and cleansing sprays.


What Is Moon Water?

Moon Water is this magical water that sits outdoors overnight underneath a full moon or any moon phase of that matter to become blessed and infused with the moons energy and power. It’s water that the moon energizes so that it can be used to cleanse, charge and bring clarity to ones life and belongings. You can also use any kind of water of your choice just as long as its clean and safe to consume (if you plan on drinking the water). Many people do use just water, but others use many objects such as quartz, herbs and flowers etc... to charge the water even more and cleanse objects. Below you’ll know step by step on how to make this Moon Water and MORE!!!


How To Make Moon Water In Just A Few Steps

  • Invest In a glass jar or mason jar (any sort of jar just as long as it’s glass for more protection)

  • Choose the water you prefer whether if it’s tap, bottled or rain/pond/ lake water

  • Pour your water in the glass jar and close tightly (you may add herbs, crystals and such to your water upon your liking, but it’s not necessary)

  • Write down your prayer, intentions or what you'll like to recite over your water

  • Go outdoors and recite the intentions you've set over your glassed jar of almost infused with the moons power

  • Find a spot on your porch, grass where the moon is reflecting light directly upon your settings and place your jar in the moonlight (you can place your jar in your window with the curtains and blinds open or up)

  • Not mandatory, but you may add tarot cards, crystals, jewelry, symbols incense etc.. to help give it that boost of authority and energy

  • Let sit overnight to absorbs the moon's full energy AND retrieve your water before sunrise (I collected my water at 6-am just before the sun arose)

There you have MOON WATER!!!!


What Can Moon Water Be Used For?

  • Tea

  • Smoothies

  • Drinking Water

  • Watering Plants

  • Rituals

  • Spells

  • Cleansing Spray for the Home

  • Hair Spray with Oils

  • Cleaning /Dusting (adding it to the floor mops/rags to clean away negative energy)

  • Cleansing baths for relaxation and to regain energy

  • Face toner (mixed in with your other liquids)

  • Body Spray (to cleanse your aura)

  • To bless your Tarot Cards

  • To charger your crystals / stones

  • Washing clothes/towels

Those are just a few things that can be used with Moon Water. I know of others using moon water for almost literally everything and an