How to have a Relaxed and Stress Free Sunday

Updated: May 15

10 Simple Ways to Relax on a Sunday

by: Jakala Breon

After working all week from Mon-Fri and sometimes Saturday, wouldn't a nice and peaceful Sunday evening sound very selfish yet deserved? Sometimes all we really need is a day to ourselves to catch up on rest and long over due tasks. With the amount of time we spend outside of our homes on a weekly basis, one day out of the week without any errands, company or loads of work is much needed to clear the mind, relax the muscles and unwind. Getting the rest and peace you need can and will release tension in the muscles and relieve prolonged stress that built up over time.

Thou, many individuals love to be accompanied by others such as family and friends, you're not letting your body get the rest it deserves, the mind and soul a break from society. Taking time for yourself like sleeping in, meditating , exercising and or having a one on one brunch with yourself can prevent illness, stress and even weight gains and losses.

I myself have learned and accepted to appreciate peace. Having a high case of anxiety can occur when you're' not giving the body time to repair and gain your strength for the days ahead. Just like spring cleaning, detoxing your body and mind can result in a better sleeping schedule and so much more.

So, down below you'll read upon 10 things you can do to enjoy your Sunday off with relaxing and detoxing without the company of others. Its important to treat yourself to a homebody retreat even if you have to say NO!


Sunday's Are For You

1. Clean Your Home

Cleaning your home from top to bottom once a week is a task i believe many should intake on doing. Though cleaning is something that should be done daily, a weekly clean-up is very needed to disinfect the areas you do not have time to clean on a regular. Germs and dust tend to float around in the home on a daily basis which can cause one to become sickly very quick. To prevent sickness you must give yourself the time to do the chorus you normally do not wish to do for you and your family wells-being. It is important to keep a nice and clean settings for your own good, to feel comfortable within your home and self.

  • Start by removing objects from shelves or walls and dust, dust the ceiling fans and tables.

  • Mop your floors and or vacuum your carpets, wash laundry along with your bed set and bathroom/kitchen rugs.

  • Wipe down your shower/tub, toilets and sinks to remove stained soap and other substances.

  • Throw away things that no longer serves a purpose in your home and remove trash from all trash cans and do indeed put a trash bag in all.

  • Clean and organize your closets and draws, fold clothing and line up your footwear.

  • Lastly, light candles and Incense or spray around your home with scented and disinfected sprays to give your home that new and freshly home smell. You'll feel so amazing and would want to relax on your sofa and intake the cleanliness you've done.


2. Facial & Hair Masks

Masks have indeed become an important factor these days in life. They help penetrate, hydrate and cleanse deeply into your pores leaving the hair and skin with the care it needs. Applying a facial mask once a week releases and removes the dead skin/dirt and excess oils you've encountered over the days before giving your skin a nice and smooth glowy effect. Its an astonishing way to feel and look great for the next week ahead, enhancing your appearance and more. Hair masks are super great and useful to those of such with hair that has bad breakage and dries out. I am natural myself and i do apply mayonnaise and coconut oil onto my hair and scalp to refresh my curl pattern and moisturizer my hair onto a healthier journey. Nourishing your hair with a hair mask can seize your split ends, heal your damaged hair and leave you with a shine like never before.

3. A Bath w/ Epsom Salt

A bath alone can reduce stress & muscle tension and also cure a cold or flu. When preparing your bath you can add Epsom Salt to minimize pain in your muscles and relax the joints to be at ease. It releases such a soothing feeling to your body and i greatly recommend to anyone when you've had a long week and just simply want to relax your joint muscles.

• Purchase out Soothe Me Down and Now Herbal Bath with essential oils for relief and relaxation, herbs and epsom salt


4. Meditation

What many individuals don't know is the satisfaction you can receive from meditating every so days or daily if you must. Research proves that mediation can help cure several health related conditions that many individuals struggle with coping, today. Below you will read numerous benefits that you may find the need to begin meditation.