How To Achieve Good Tasting Tofu + Tips and More

By: Jakala Breon

A Healthy Choice

Tofu Has Changed My Life & Health

Medium / Hard Tofu

Diagnosed with Gastritis, i personally had no choice but to change the way i eat... starting with the meat i consume, because of course all meat is not what us humans must eat on a daily. My diet is strict as of today and i couldn't be more happier to transform into a healthier person i never thought i'd be. I could honestly say that trying tofu has led me to know that there has always been a substitute for other meats since the taste of time.

I am now currently transitioning over to a full time vegan! Will i master it? Maybe, i hope so! I have not experienced lot of vegan foods and although tofu isn't up the ally of being vegan, it's not an animal and anything that makes up tofu isn't either. Tofu is an soybean dish, made up of soy milk (a great substitute for "cow milk") then created into blocks which can be found from soft, firm to extra firm!

I've only been cooking Tofu since the beginning of this year, 2020. Before purchasing, i went on to YouTube to learn how its cooked properly and how to achieve different flavors for such a bland product. After seeing one video that quite pushed me to the grocery store to purchase the tofu, i was in-love with the idea to learn and try out this dish. I found Medium/Hard tofu for only $1.99 at Fiesta (If your state does not have an Fiesta you can purchase from Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Walmart... you can search in google where to find the product). When i made it back home i was baffled, but i was not about to give up and waste my money LOL! I thought about a stir fry and that is just what i made my first time without any actual chicken, pork or beef instead.. Tofu!

I wanted to share how I've conquered chicken yet flavor-able tasting tofu which i would know many people will only feel tempted to try themselves. And what is so amazing about cooking such a products is that is not hard at all, very simple and straight to the point.


  • Take tofu out of its packaging and remove access liquid into sink

  • Prep the seasonings and tofu so that you'll have everything ready before beginning to make the dish

  • Chop the tofu with a medium to large sized knife into blocks (as seen above) and squash many blocks so that it looks like more than what was chopped which it will then be more to meal prep with for a extra day or two

  • Set stove to MEDIUM and go no less than medium

  • Place the tofu into a medium frying pan (or large depending on how much you want to cook)

  • Add oil of your kind , but just a pinch if you are using vegetable oil or any liquid oil (i simple love to use the cooking spray oil because other like liquid oil can harm my gastritis condition)

  • Season your tofu (you can add/use how ever many seasonings you'll like to bring extra flavor but it won't be too necessary if you coat it as i will explain below)

  1. Garlic Powder

  2. Italian Seasoning

  3. Parsley Flakes

  4. Paprika (organic)

  • Stir so that the seasonings is on all of the dish equally

  • Set timer for 12-15 minutes (no less than 17 minutes if your stove is set below medium)

  • Let simmer and cook while tossing and stirring the tofu every 3-6 minutes

  • Wait to lower the temp until you see that the tofu is golden brown, crispy like chicken.. haha

  • Lower temp to Low (number 1-3 on the stove)

  • Add Peach Pomegranate or Peach Preserves to the frying pan/skillet and mix it into the crispy tofu

  • Let simmer on LOW for another 3-5 minutes and let cool off

  • Now, You can Meal Prep your dish or , just eat it right then and there :)