Gospel Each and Every Morning | Joy, Joy.

Months ago, i felt me slipping from the palms of gospel music which begun to shift me in a way i disliked. I was enduring much anxiety and undergoing personal struggles that took me from the God I've grown to praise. I very much didn't pray anymore. Had no clue what life was turning out for me at the moment, but i knew i wasn't quite happy with myself. I was depressed with a smile on my face day to day. The things i was going through i felt as if they were permanent although i knew deep down, they weren't, but I refused to call upon my God and praise him including myself in any way possible. Thinking to myself i can get through my hardships alone because one day i will only have me; I really needed to come face to face with reality and realize i will not just have me, but God and who is chosen to walk paths with me. Pushing people away wasn't going to be the answer anymore for me solve my problems nor walking away from them. A change had to happen.

I remember the first day i heard the gospel song 'No Fault' By Lee Williams ... my heart fluttered, my eyes went buck, and my spirit felt the relief. That song was on replay for days straight and during the time what i was enduring, the song mirrored that such situation. It was sweet that i had a song to sing, understand and feed myself the lyrics for i was ready to face the challenge and change the tune in my life. That song in particular gave me the power to forgive what others have done to me throughout the years from the verbal abuse to mental abuse. I have never truly forgiven and healed from the heartache others have caused from family to partners instead i allowed that pain to enter each year of my life. No fault led me to see that i am indeed much more present and mature than others because i did not give up and let demons take me and change my kind heart. I am a sweet living soul woman who treats others with kindness and respect no matter what i have endured. Now i listen to No fault daily as a reminder that those same people who have wronged me was fighting through their own demons and struggles and that i should only understand and forgive them for their ways. Many is still in my life and because they are family i must accept them, but in no way will i tolerate such behavior. I have learned to speak up for myself.

Including gospel music into my morning routine i am able to begin my day with clarity and motivation. I am able to feel free, heard, healthy and secure. I feel me stepping in closer to my blessings that i have prayed for and the purpose within my path. My eyes are clear from allergy for i am able to see the joy the morning brings for my day should only get sweeter as Paster James Cleveland would say "each day gets sweeter than the day before." See my belief has gotten to be stronger within God and self and i have only got wiser. I no longer awake with laziness or with a doubt that i belong where i am. Seeing the best of the best i see the best in me. My mornings are my favorite because i am thankful to see the blue skies once more, the flowers in bloom and hear the birds chirping from tree to tree.

Gospel in the morning lead me to joy and happiness. It leads me to complete tasks i felt wasn't beneficial anymore because of fear. Gospel made me realize i can't give up on myself and dreams when i have already crossed many mountains, dirt roads and streams. It had steeled into me that i will one day feel the pain anymore that i feel now. That i will be as healthy living a more social life than i do now. I have been called to believe in miracles and seize the negativity within my life. Gospel has changed my vocabulary too. Watching what i speak has become important because i do not like to curse and say bad things to or about others. Gospel in the morning have given me support that I've been looking for in other places, things and or people even other genres of music. I can say that Gospel is therapy and healing for the soul, mind and body ... at least for me.

Having anxiety and feeling afraid when i was alone Gospel came into my life and moved me from the dark place of fear and into the light of God. I was no longer afraid of being alone anymore once i begun my Gospel each and every morning. It helped block away and cross out the tabs moving nowhere fast in my mind... it helped shift my thoughts. In the morning i am reminded that trouble doesn't last always because each morning is a new beginning. Never would i thought my anxiety would come to be better at handing, but i was walking away from no balance and into allowing God to control my thoughts. I had to let God back into my life after time of doubting myself and faulting God for what had happened to me doing my tough years.

I know it seems very easy for sure, but honestly it gets easier as the days pass. Gospel music being included in your daily routine is quite the ritual and a ritual takes time to set in stone. A daily routine has also got to be a commitment because it is not easy to keep up with the routine set. I personally love having a fresh routine because it allows me to see what did not work for me previously and how can i improve other things i seem to struggle with staying committed to. It allows me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things i usually almost never think of doing. I change routines when i notice how bored i become and the lack of motivation. So, when it comes to gospel every morning i feel much lighter and not guilty for wanting to go for something new that could bring a brand-new feeling.

I'll end this with try gospel each morning and watch the change within your life, relationships, mood, vocabulary, home and energy.

Have a good one and enjoy each joyous morning.