Free Yourself

To love yourself is to see, feel, touch and hear you.

To appreciate everything from the biggest moments in life to your smallest flaws.

To notice the wounds that is in need of healing for there’s no more suffering.

To know what brings the biggest smile, even what hides behind like a frown.

To say what you feel deep down inside and not hold back and suppress your emotions.

To use every outlet, you know of so there is justice.

To dress in clothing that represents you instead of following the crowd.

To know of freedom in which you are not letting yourself down.

To take care of you in all forms God has given us for we shall breathe.

To praise yourself like any other person, pass thee.

To speak wealth into your life full of possibilities.

To chase and follow your dreams so you don't have to live for others.

To be of authority of your own life, choices and journey.

To not take life for granted for your life is the purpose itself.

To free yourself from pain and take a leap in a new direction.

.... Jakala Breon