The Closure

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

To Whom Stole My Heart At Fifth-teen


Where did it all go wrong

why did we discontinue our favorite song

the one we made ours when we were young

we would blush every time it came on

oh honey, we were both so sprung.

The love we shared was all that and more

yet we still couldn’t make it out the front door

we longed for happiness and security too

but we only got far to where the lesson drew.

I still think of you

do you think of me too

has it been that long to ask how do you do?

Was it true, was it real

you know... the years we shared

or was it meant to sound like a drill

caution, caution

you heard that too

but times it felt like destiny

and that is what brought me to you

you to me too

because you said so

but why are we here

strangers once again

i be damned if I know.

Life is all good though

but i