A Simple Thrifted OOTD

Today was totally such a relaxed day. For one I am on my menstrual, and because of that I chose to dress in relaxed loose clothing so that I am comfortable and at ease to lounge around in without thinking of a wrinkle or so. Now I love me some vintage wear as well a bit of modern too. Sometimes I simply just mix the two and come up with something like you see today. It really does make me feel present internally because I am such an old soul and I love vintage, but I am a nineties baby whom is now still a young woman in these modern days. How can I not love both?

• I brought out a circular hat a friend thrifted and gave to me as a surprise because he saw I was becoming obsessed with hats. I'm not sure how much the hat was, but if thrifted then not too much which is great. The hat was originally all brown (as you can see the underside) but the previous owner painted the hat white and well that's the final look. Super cute right? I absolutely love it and it's giving FALL!

• The top is from a brand called Knox ... i thrifted this many months ago for under $5! I begin wearing this top as nightwear until I realized it needs to be worn and seen out. It has a cute floral like pattern going on at the bottom of the shirt which is gorgeousssss. The mini slit it has also gives it more sort of character and room for necklaces to flow too. Love it!

• My bottoms were thrifted as well. I purchased these shorts for under $5. Yes, there is always gems at the thrift store under $5... A STEAL OR WHAT? They are from the brand and is quite loosely fit which I adore. I chose these bottoms because that small pinch of color in the top matches well with the color in the shorts.

• Lastly, the vintage purse. How beautiful. My mother thrifted this purse online and had it for months until one day about two months ago she called my name and passed me this purse. She knows my taste what can I say?! I must've wore this purse OUT okay!! It's black with gold bottoms all over with braided like straps which is super vintage to me I just love it. Its one big pocket with a smaller inside pocket and enough room for my daily women necessities.

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Vintage Top by Knox Rose | Size: Medium

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xoxo... Jakala Breon