A little Morning Harvest + Short Tale

Harvesting food directly from your backyard is complete fulfillment. It’s an overall high that I wish to consume until God calls me home.

Here I am showing what I harvested this morning, which is just one okra pod and a few peppers, but it’s still joyous. I want to show the joy I see and tell how it makes me feel truly.

Morning Harvest August 30

So, if you don’t know … I built up my own mini garden right out in my backyard the first days of July. I never truly thought this would be something I’d love to do, but when I was going through tough anxiety I needed something to help calm me and relax me, gardening became my therapy. My stress level was up and I had no Hobbies or anything enjoyable to do with my time. I was only working with two planter boxes adding flowers, herbs and plants within those, but I begun to get bored and needed more. Somehow I began watching YouTube videos day and night of gardeners out in their garden of flowers, plants, food and that’s when it hit my mind.

I had no prior experience about gardening not even sure how to begin one so the more i watched YouTube the more of a clue I got. I started my food garden first which is the big garden bed by doing the double dig method. It was difficult and I had to go to work. It took me about a week to complete the bed but i got it done. Fast forwarded, I drop seeds and now we are in the harvesting phase, finally.

I harvested my first okra a week ago along with a squash too.

My First Harvest / Squash and Okra

I had to pull out my squash plant due to pest taking over and it was not well , but I did get a chance to get a harvest in. I will be dropping another squash seed in time.

The first harvest was one for the books that being it was my FIRST harvest. The feeling I had within was amazing. Knowing how much work I put in along with doubt I was finally able to bring inside food from my garden.

I felt at peace. I felt as if I was doing the right thing my ancestors and my God put me on this path to do. I would’ve never thought it would be me living such a simple fruitful life, but here I am pulling food from my own backyard so my family can have food. This is food we do not have to worry about buying for a long time. I have been blessed. The moments are so unreal but it’s sweet and blissful too.

It’s now coming to two whole months I’ve had my garden and although there have been some struggle it still puts a smile on my face. I walk outdoors every morning ready to consume the joy the garden feeds me. I am happy. My garden has taken me out of a place I do not want to go back to. It had eased my stress and relieved me of anxiety. I am thankful I was able to see a opportunity and grow with it along this journey.

Down below is a mini video of me showing the way I harvest okra.

See you here again with more of a harvest.