10 things to do while in the country to gain a peace of mind and relieve stress | From a country gal

It's not so often I am out deep in the county away from the city that I just cannot stand, but when I am I use that precious time to have a peace of mind.

I am a county gal by heart, by soul and it'll always be in me no matter where life takes me. My family is from the Huntsville, Cameron, Texas and other parts too, but I'm from Houston and someday I'd like to be gone for good. You know, I always dreamed of being back to my roots and no matter where just as long as I'm in the country surrounded by trees, a few homes and dirt roads. I love the simple life, being self sufficient and knowing what's most important instead of what the city make feels what is important although it's not.

After I met my guy friend back in 2020 and he opened me up to the county life I became obsessed with everything about it especially which is by far my favorite ... the quietness, the peace and community. It's like any other. Although there are few neighbors everyone waves their hand and speak no matter what. It can be someone who lives way up the road, or just passing through and they'll flick their fingers up to speak. It's not like that in the city. You can't be quite friendly with city folks because it may be taken another way or just not acknowledged.

So after a few times of visiting back to back I needed something of my own to do while the boys would be doing their own thing. Oh and being on a cellphone isn't possible. There is hardly any service where we stay so we cannot be on a phone unless we do a little moving around and who has time for that? Not I! I always have taken that as my getaway from the city so I don't complain about my phone because there's nothing more important than gaining peace, being able to fully unwind and rest. I always need a reset and I take advantage of it completely.

I'll be sharing a few little things of what I do out in the country that keeps me happy, occupied, at peace, relaxed and stress free.

  • Reading books: this passes time. I find myself reading a chapter and next thing I know a whole hour has passed by. It also is soothing and reading stimulates the mind too.

  • Dancing | listening to blues music: Myself and the others will be outdoors all day just playing some old tunes and dancing. It's so much fun and dancing even if you're just moving your body from side to side allows the body to release stress, tension and stagnantion.

  • Photography: Sometimes it may seem as if there's nothing to capture, but it is actually quite a lot to snap a photo of. From the old houses, animals, the people vibing, open fields and flowers... it's a beauty to capture and have as an memory.

  • Watching classic movies: There's no cable where I stay only regular tv and it's very much ok. There's always old movies on which I love very much. My guy friend and I are both old western, black and white film lovers so it works out just fine. This allows us to relax settle down after a long day. Sometimes I do take the dvd player and we can watch 2000's movies.

  • Riding the 4 wheeler: So much fun, but quite relaxing and i honestly be at peace. I'll ride down the country roads and be at a pace of my own without having to step on the gas because it's no traffic. This calm my nerves and takes my mind off such things. Oh and the wind... I love the wind oh so much.

  • Take walks along the fences and talk to the cows: Although their not our cows it's still very fun and exciting. It's connecting with nature on an whole different level.

  • Swing on the swinging bench: Honestly I just love this bent in bench. It so gives back in the 70s vibe which enlarges the character so well. Swinging brings me to relaxation and I can swing for hours releasing thoughts to be at ease. Sometime there is just nothing in my mind but the essence of simplicity that I can enjoy. If you have children a swing will do it. It's bonding time, and bonding time with your inner child too.

  • Sit and chill with the elders / BBQ: My guy friend, the other couple and myself does this each time. We all gather outdoors, talk and bbq chicken with sausages. It's so calming and peaceful. I enjoy it a lot sitting around by the pit and watching the smoke talking about anything and everything. Sometimes the neig