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Providing Mental Health Support by Healing and Detoxing the Mind, Body and Spirit 

All Woman Co. originally known as WSG; Women's Support Group was founded in 2020 by: Jakala Breon Doyle with the vision of brining women of all ages together as a union for life guidance, mental/ emotional support, and encouragement.  

This company brings forth an organization and social group that helps women in all supportive ways such as socially which creates a mingling sisterhood atmosphere for each to have freedom of speech without judgement, mentally for women to know and feel that they are not alone through their toughest battles and emotionally because we sometimes as women tend to give our power to our emotions which causes breakdowns to where we have no one to turn to.

Jakala Breon's goal is to improve mental health by blocking away what no longer serves us in our present life with also connecting beautiful women of all colors to become one and evolve into sisterhood. 

All Woman Co. also helps young women with their own businesses by social support and free promoting on platforms. 

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About All Woman Social Group

A group created for women of all ages and races to come together as one and grow.

In this social group we are supporting all things mental health.

Women are the least to get help or even get attention when it comes to their health; this group is a reminder to all women that we are here too, and no one is here to be left behind. This group is one's protection, one's journey and one's living testimony. With the support of each member we can thrive and overcome and restore balance in our personal lives. 

We are strong and our health is important! 

If you have been struggling and fighting through your mental health/illness and need a safe space... come along and join with Jakala Breon and other members coming to receive peace, love, and motivation.